Cultivating Courage


What does Courage Mean to you?

Courage is the willingness to act in the presence of fear, not the absence of fear.  Fear is normal… but if we aren’t mindful, fear can keep us from living.

Condifence = Trust

We gain courage by practicing courage.  By practicing courage, we gain confidence in our abilities.  When we have confidence we begin to trust ourselves.  Once we trust ourselves, there is no stopping us.

1. Create Hero Bars

This  journaling practice is inspired by David Goggins powerful book Can’t Hurt me.

Take some time and write down all of the times you’ve shown courage. Those big life moments and even those small wins.  For each moment, Really think back and feel the power within you as you navigate difficult times.  You’ve got this! These are your Hero Bars

Next time life throws you something scary, grab a hero bar. Remember, you’ve  been couragous before, you can do it again.


Obstacles Make Me Stronger

Use this phase as a Mantra. When life throws you the inevitable curve ball, positive self talk is huge. Rather than listening to our negative self worry, we can create positive vibes by using positive self talk.  Obstacles make me stronger!  You can probably come up with something that is more powerful for you.  Think about a phrase that would fire you up when things get tough.  I’ve got this! Easy!

Courage is Resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not the absence of fear.

-Mark Twain


3. I’m Excited

Harness the energy of the moment

You might have experienced a tense moment or two in your life where you were nervous.  Maybe someone suggested, ” calm down”. Turns out, that’s really hard, and also robs you of power.  Instead, own the moment and turn nervous energy into positive energy by saying “I’m Excited” .  Remember fear is excitement without the breath!

4. Bring It On!

Pain is unavoidable in this life.  So much of our efforts tend to go towards minimizing pain. Even the pain of leaving our comfort zone.  There is an idea, that although pain is required, suffering is not.  When we acknowledge the pain and move towards it, it shrinks. We no longer suffer.  

Imagine yourself facing something scary, something painful.  Scream “Bring it ON!”

Practice with small things and build up.  Doing 1 pushup, ending your shower with cold water for 5 seconds. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.